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International Fusion Materials Irradiation facility - DEMO Oriented NEutron Source

The International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility – Demo Oriented NEutron Source (IFMIF-DONES) is a single-sited Research Infrastructure for testing, validation and qualification of the materials to be used in a fusion reactor. It is based on a unique neutron source with energy spectrum and flux tuned to those expected for the first wall containing future fusion reactors. The IFMIF-DONES will be a major step towards IFMIF as it will develop a unique high-current high-duty cycle accelerator technology, liquid metal target technology and advanced control systems. The facility will also offer unique experimental opportunities in other scientific and technology areas including nuclear physics, astrophysics, medical and industrial applications.

EUROfusion and Fusion for Energy (F4E) started in 2015 a process to develop the engineering design of DONES and to identify possible EU sites to host the facility. In December 2017, F4E positively evaluated the joint Spain-Croatia proposal to site DONES in Granada. As the IFMIF-DONES entered the Roadmap in 2018, it was eligible for the Preparatory Phase – presently going on to the end of 2021 – and, simultaneously, have started the Implementation Phase with the initial steps for the construction of the civil engineering infrastructure. Intense international activity is sought in order to benefit from the final results of the Broader Approach Agreement and to establish the broadest international collaboration in the design and construction of the DONES.

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