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Système de Production d’Ions Radioactifs en Ligne de 2e génération

The Système de Production d’Ions Radioactifs en Ligne de 2e generation (SPIRAL2) is a linear particle accelerator facility to extend significantly the actual possibilities of Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) to study fundamental nuclear physics and related applications. The impact of SPIRAL2 is enabling a scientific programme based on unique high-intensity beams of light, heavy-ions and neutrons well suited to address the most challenging nuclear and astrophysics questions aiming at the deeper understanding of the nature of atomic nucleus. SPIRAL2 will contribute to the physics of nuclear fission and fusion based on the collection of unprecedented detailed fundamental nuclear data, and to the production of rare radioisotopes for medicine, to radiobiology and to materials science.

SPIRAL2 LINAC (LINear ACcelerator) is part of the GANIL facility in Lower Normandy (Caen, France), one of the leading laboratories in the world engaged in research with ion beams. Entered in the ESFRI Roadmap in 2006, the SPIRAL2 project has been almost financed by the regional authority and the French funding agencies CNRS and CEA. It started the Preparation Phase in 2007 with the main goal to develop and sign the consortium agreement allowing for the construction and operation of the facility as a fully international structure. Commissioned since 2010, SPIRAL2 can accelerate lighter nuclei than the GANIL cyclotrons, thereby extending the research done until now. In Operation Phase since 2020, it is currently delivering science as a scientific and technologic complement to the existing infrastructure GANIL.

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