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European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) is a pan-European distributed Research Infrastructure with the aim to support transnational Holocaust research, commemoration and education. EHRI provides access to information about dispersed sources, and develops tools and methods that enable researchers and archivists to collaboratively work to overcome one of the hallmark challenges of Holocaust research – the wide dispersal of sources across Europe and beyond, and the concomitant fragmentation of Holocaust historiography. Providing access – remotely by the EHRI Portal and physically by the access to the world’s twenty leading Holocaust archives – is vital for the innovation of Holocaust research and for the training of the next generation of Holocaust researchers and archivists.

EHRI is the outcome of the consortium that has been working on integrating Holocaust-related sources and research documentation since 2010. EHRI has been supported by three EUfunded integrating projects relying on the participation of twentyfive partners – research institutions, libraries, archives, museums and memorial sites – which form the core working group, as well as on the support of many individuals and organisations in the broad fields of Holocaust studies and digital humanities. EHRI is currently running its Preparation Phase to undertake all the necessary legal, financial and strategic planning to prepare the long-term EHRI RI. Following the Preparatory Phase, EHRI foresees a relatively short transition phase of two years with full operation expected to start in 2025.

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