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European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics

The European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics (SoBigData++) is a distributed and multidisciplinary Research Infrastructure for big social data analytics that, coupled with the consolidation of a cross-disciplinary European research community, is aiming at using social mining and big data to understand the complexity of our contemporary, globally-interconnected society. SoBigData++ offers a distributed platform of interoperable social data mining tools, methodologies and services for obtaining, analyzing, and visualizing massive datasets. The SoBigData++ RI will render social mining experiments more efficiently designed and repeatable by leveraging concrete tools that include ethics, values and norms for privacy, fairness, transparency, and pluralism.

Entered in the ESFRI Roadmap in 2021, SoBigData++ brings together 31 partners representing key European centres for Data Science and ArtificiaI Intelligence. The Consortium combines research areas related to big data analytics, computational social science, digital humanities, city planners, artificial intelligence, and covers competences on ethics, economic analysis, environmental sustainability and energy saving. SoBigData++ works in synergy with different EU-funded projects, networks of excellence and ESFRI RIs, including HumanE-AI-Net, TAILOR, AI4EU, WeVerify, Pericles, NoBias and CLARIN ERIC. Currently in the Preparation Phase, SoBigData++ will define the legal aspects for establishing the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) and extend the partnership to other countries.

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